MAD ROCKET is a bicoastal video and film production company owned and managed by writer/producer/director Sean Skelton. Under the MAD ROCKET label, Sean has created a variety of award-winning film, television and web-based projects in the scripted and unscripted genres.

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On the scripted side of TV, Sean has written, produced and directed several award-winning independent TV pilots.  Most recently, his independent pilot TROUBLE - a dramatic comedy - won the award for Best TV Drama at the 10th Annual Independent Television Festival (iTV Fest). It also garnered the Best Writing award at the 10th Annual New York Television Festival (NYTVF) and was a finalist in the NYTVF's Lionsgate/Sea to Sky pilot competition. His comedic short pilot BAD SEED (starring Richard Kind) won Best Web Series Pilot at the 2011 NYTVF, and his short film THE DILETTANTES was a selection at the 2015 iTV Fest and a finalist the NYTVF's Samsung Second Screen Competition.  His short film DWELLING was a finalist in the NYTVF's Bing Decisions Project in 2012.  

In unscripted TV, Sean is perhaps best known for co-creating and producing the documentary TV series WALL STREET WARRIORS for three seasons (2007-2009) on the MOJO HD Channel.   In 2010, he traveled to Africa and the United Arab Emirates as a producer/director on a docu-soap pilot starring THE HILLS' Whitney Port.  Several of his unscripted projects have been recognized at the New York Television Festival, including PURE FLUFF (Finalist - MSN Online Pitch Competition); STILL ON TOP (Finalist - Seven One International Pitch Competition); RAW! (Finalist - Sundance Channel Pitch Competition); LADY'S FIRST (Semifinalist - MSN Web Series Competition); and HACKERS (Finalist - History Channel Unscripted Development Pipeline).


A graduate of the Film School at U.C. Santa Barbara, Sean's first feature film work was as Associate Producer on the documentary feature THE LEGEND OF RON JEREMY, which aired on Showtime and received a nomination for Documentary of the Year by the Chicago Film Critics Association.  He was a writer/producer on the narrative independent feature TWEEKER, and the Second Unit Director on the documentary feature THE MARS UNDERGROUND, which aired on Discovery HD. 

Sean has written multiple feature-length screenplays, including the comedy THE DOWNSIDE, and the beatnik-era drama DOWN BLEECKER, which was accepted into the No Borders Program of the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) in New York.  He recently completed his fourth feature-length screenplay - a science fiction thriller entitled, THE NAKED EYE.

As an actor, Sean had speaking roles in major studio films THE ROCK and KINSEY, and the TV series NASH BRIDGES and SEX AND THE CITY.  He was the principal character in a FOSTER FARMS commercial that garnered a Silver Clio Award.


Regarding web-based projects, Sean's narrative comedy short BAD SEED won Best Web Series Pilot at the New York Television Festival in 2011, and his web pilot PURE FLUFF was a finalist in the 2011 NYTVF's MSN Online Competition.  In 2012, he wrote, produced and directed 22 episodes of the Yahoo! web series FINANCIALLY FIT, which was nominated for a Webby Award.  Sean wrote, produced and directed the short documentary BIOSPHERE 2 for Retro Report and the New York Times online.  He has also produced, directed and edited a variety of book trailers, promotional ads and corporate videos for the web.

Originally from San Francisco, Sean recently moved back to Los Angeles after spending 14 years in New York City.